Ramadan Mubarak!

It is with a joyful heart that we are welcoming the holy month of Ramadan; a month where we can finally slow down the rush of this life and focus on our relation with Allah and the Hereafter.


Like every year, we will see – with Allah’s will – what the Muslim communities can achieve over a space of four weeks. Indeed, Ramadan is a great opportunity to see the generosity, the solidarity, and the potential of the Muslim Communities in the UK.


And it is in Mosques that lots of this will happen. During Ramadan, mosques take all their meaning: a place of welcoming, of sharing and of action where the wellbeing of the community; in its widest sense, takes priority before individuals’ wills as it the way Allah wants us to run His houses.


In the same way, Imams will play an essential role in this emulation. They will lead, they will show the way, and they will push the community to give its best and to focus on the good, full of hope that tomorrow will be even better and easier if we keep working altogether.


However Ramadan will also be the time for mosques’ management to assess their work to see where the short comings are and where improvements are needed in terms of organisation, integration and strategy.

For that, we, at MINAB will keep working to support making mosques better and safer places for all and to help Imams with the heavy responsibility they undertook: to guide the Muslim communities in the UK with their specific needs and circumstances.


We ask Allah the Almighty to forgive you and forgive us. May Allah guide and support all of us in achieving what we have committed to.


Ramadan Kareem!


Maulana Shahid Raza




Integrating Youth in Mosques’ Development Strategy

May13, 2018 17:00

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About us

What is MINAB ?

The MINAB is an umbrella community-led and independent organisation. It works with and is inclusive of the major Muslim traditions and schools of thought. The MINAB is guided by the following principles:

  • An independent body
  • Non sectarian in its outlook
  • Representing the diversity of Islam

Why become a member ?

You will access to:

  • A variety of resources to support your institution;
  • Access to MINAB events, either free or at a discounted rate.
  • Be assisted in matter of governance.
  • Being supported in spreading best practice through the development of standards.

Self regulation and standards

The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board between 2008 and 2009 conducted a national consultation with Mosques to develop quality systems and standards for Mosques and Training Institution.

The MINAB Standards developed are a unique approach to promoting quality and best practice in our Mosques and Training Institutions.



Self regulation and standards

By , 8th August 2017

A word from the Chairman

It is with an immense joy that we observe the numerous endeavours taken by Muslims, flourishing in the UK and throughout the World. Those endeavours which portray the Islam that we love and follow.

In this light, I am also pleased to bring you further good news.

I am delighted to share with you the news that MINAB is being re-launched. This has come about after a firm resolve that an organisation that brings Muslim Communities together is crucial for the future of Muslims in the UK.

In these critical times, we are proud that the British Muslim communities are willing to work together to keep our institutions safe, well governed and flourishing.

MINAB is your organisation. And with the help and support of Allah; and your contribution we can make a positive impact.


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