What is MINAB?

MINAB is the Mosque and Imams National Advisory Board. It is an advisory and facilitatory body for good governance in mosques and for improving the performance of Imams and Islamic Teachers through a process of self-regulation based on agreed standards.

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Guiding Principles

The MINAB is community-led and independent. It works with and is inclusive of the major Muslim traditions and schools of thought. The MINAB is guided by the following principles:

  • An independent body
  • Non sectarian in its outlook
  • Representing the diversity of Islam with no role in matter of theology
  • Broad based with an accountable system of representation


MINAB’s standards

MINAB’s five standards aim to facilitate the spread of good practice amongst its members.

  1. Members apply good principles of corporate governance
  2. Members ensure that services are provided by suitable qualified and/or experienced personnel
  3. There are systems and processes in place to ensure that there are no impediments to the participation in the activities, including governance, for young people.
  4. There are systems and processes in place to ensure that there are no impediments to the participation in the activities, including governance, for women.
  5. Members ensure that there are programmes that promote civic responsibility of Muslims in the wider society.


Who governs the MINAB?

The MINAB is governed by its membership through an open and democratic process. All members become part of the MINAB General Council which then elects, every two years, the Executive Board. The Executive Board elects/appoints the office-bearers – the Chair, 4 Vice Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer.


Who can join the MINAB?

  • A mosque or Islamic centre
    • which functions as a place of worship for persons who believe in no God but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) as His Prophet and to whom the Qur’an, the true Word of Allah was revealed
    • Located in the United Kingdom
  • Subscribed to the Aims & Objectives and adhere to the principles set out in the Constitution
  • An Institution or establishment
    • Engaged or involved in the training – vocational or academic – of persons aspiring to become Imams or Islamic Teachers
    • Located in the United Kingdom


How can your mosque become a member?

All members of the MINAB must subscribe to its aims and adhere to the principles set out in the constitution. By joining the MINAB, members agree to work towards meeting the Standards. Members will self regulate on these set of Standards and will be offered support until they receive their accreditation. This approach provides an opportunity to build capacity within the Muslim Community and empowers them to share their learning and good practice.

Why and how to become a member?

MINAB’s aims an objectives

The MINAB is an advisory body which will facilitate good practice in the governance of Mosques and improvement in the performance of Imams.

Its advisory function will be discharged through provision of guidance.

Its facilitatory function will be discharged through consensus on Standards and Good Practice.


  1. Assist in building the capacity of Mosques to function as community hubs.
  2. Assist Mosques in matter of governance.
  3. Advise on improved access and involvement of women and youth to Mosques.
  4. Spread best practice through the development of standards.
  5. Advise relevant bodies on training requirements/needs of Imams
  6. Advise on the skills and competencies for appointment of Imams.
  7. Advise members on legal compliance.
  8. Provide information to members on access to resources and/or make better use of resources for achievement of standards.
  9. Facilitate harmonisation of standards in relation to religious education in Mosques and Madrasahs.
  10. Encourage Mosques to become centres of community cohesion, citizenship and dialogue.
  11. Advise on the suitability of Imams and scholars coming to the UK from abroad.
  12. Co-operate and engage with other regulatory and non-regulatory bodies in the UK and abroad, in order to enable the MINAB to achieve its aims and objectives.