MINAB would like to reassure Mosques, Imams and the Muslim community that, they will be able to continue burying their loved ones according to Islamic practices. The Government has amended the COVID-19 emergency Bill to confirm that disposing of an individual will be consistent with the deceased’s religion or belief.

MINAB would like to thank the Government for listening to the concerns of Muslim and Jewish communities regarding the burial rites and being responsive to their distress and anxiety.

We at MINAB have worked closely with Naz Shah MP, who led the campaign to amend the Covid emergency Bill, and many other MPs, religious leaders, and faith groups to enable this change to take place. MINAB is extremely grateful to all those who played their part in protecting the religious freedoms of minorities.

This is an excellent example of Muslim and Jewish communities working together on shared concerns and constructively engaging the Government to achieve pragmatic solutions even in unprecedented times.

We would like to thank all those members of the community who actively engaged democratic channels to seek the removal of the possibility of cremation in some circumstances.

MINAB is the Mosque and Imams National Advisory Board. MINAB is the only community-led, independent umbrella body inclusive of all the major Muslim traditions and schools of thought.