Attack Outside Al-Majlis Al Hussaini


On the 18th of September, worshippers were leaving a lecture as part of an Ashura gathering, commemorating the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson Imam Hussain (AS), at the Al Hussaini Islamic Centre in Cricklewood when a car mounted the pavement outside the Centre in Oxgate Lane.

The red Nissan indiscriminately drove into the worshipers as they left the building. The car hit 5 people seriously injuring 3 innocent bystanders. Brave worshippers and volunteers stood between the vehicle and those that were being targeted.

All those injured and affected by this terrible attack are in our thoughts and prayers.

It appears to be a hate crime as some witnesses claim that the perpetrators were heard shouting Islamophobic taunts whilst trying to mow down pedestrians. We wait to hear from the police after their investigation has taken place.

It is extremely important that mosque staff, volunteers and worshippers are extra vigilant, in particular during this holy period of Ashura.

Mosques and Islamic centres must continue to support each other and also work with police, local authorities and other organisations to ensure that such spiteful attacks do not happen.

The MINAB will continue to offer advice and guidance to imams and mosques on securing their places of worship and protecting worshippers attending Mosques or such other gatherings held by Muslims.

We condemn the horrific attack and commend the bravery of those who took action to save lives.

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