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Scholars and Imams Convention

Hundreds of Scholars and Imams from across the UK and Europe gathered in Birmingham to reflect upon some of the challenges faced by British Muslims. The Scholars and Imams Convention was called by and held under the leadership of Shaykh Allama Noor-ul-Arfeen Siddiqui. British Muslim Scholars from across the country spoke about having a strong, […]


MINAB network to promote volunteering and engagement

MINAB launches a network of Muslim women representing mosques across the country that aim to improve community standards through collaboration, innovation and sharing good practice.     MINAB Trustees have made it a priority to ensure that our Mosques are fit for purpose and being managed in the best ways for their communities while also […]


Defining Islamophobia

MINAB is supportive of the working definition of Islamophobia which has been proposed by APPG on British Muslims  after consulting academics and communities across the UK. The definition proposed is: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness” Chair of MINAB, Imam Qari Asim […]


MINAB’s chairman joins faith leaders at Cenotaph for Armistice Day

The Chair of MINAB attended the Cenotaph London service, along with faith leaders, politicians and diplomats on Remembrance Day, 11 November. Imam Qari Asim said: “Armies of 1914- 1918 looked more like Britain of 2018 than that of 1918, in terms of ethnicity and faiths.” It is important that we remember this long history we […]


MINAB Executive meeting

MINAB EXECUTIVE MEETING in Birmingham     Bismillah a Rahman a Raheem,   M.I.N.A.B. had an Executive meeting on Saturday the 27th  of October. The meeting brought together MINAB executive members from across the United Kingdom from as far as Bristol, London, Leicester and Manchester to discuss issues important matters relating to women, youth engagement […]


MINAB: Leadership Development Programme

  MINAB: Leadership Development Programme East London:       Dates: 15-16th of December   Creating community leaders for tomorrow MINAB’s has launched a leadership programme for faith institute members and leaders to build a “stronger community network”- to enhance social action in local communities by supporting mosques and imams to strengthen social integration and […]


Asylum Seekers could contribute to the economy

Faith leaders join to call on the government to allow Asylum Seekers to work in Britain… Under current rules, people seeking asylum are prevented from working while their claims are being processed. The Home Office aims to deliver decisions within six months, but almost half wait for more than six months, with some waiting years. Asylum […]


Extremist hate preacher is denounced by Muslims

Anjem Choudary, an extremist hate preacher and leader of the defunct terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun will be released after serving a sentence for supporting Daesh. MINAB which represents over 200 mosques and many more imams across the country believes that the likes of Anjem Choudary are dangerous individuals who propagate a distorted interpretation of Islam. His extremist […]


Mosques and Imams denounce hate crime in their Friday sermons

This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week where voices of hate crime survivors are heard and actions are undertaken to tackle racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hate crime.  Over 200 Mosques and Imams across Britain will be denouncing hatred in their weekly Friday sermon as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week. The mosque sermons […]


Islamophobia Awareness Week Innovative Grant

Islamophobia MINAB is launching a campaign to raise awareness about Islamophobia (i.e. statements and actions based on a sentiment of hatred of Islam and Muslims). With the rise of far-right extremism, there has been a significant increase in hate crimes committed against minority communities, in particular Muslims. Last year saw a record number of anti-Muslim […]