The inaugural Beacon Mosque Awards are a celebration of the incredibly positive contribution and remarkable achievements of many Mosques across Britain. There are some truly inspiring nominees and finalists and the communities that are part of those over 200 nominations should all be proud of them. The Beacon Mosque Awards initiative is a fantastic opportunity to recognize the hard work and achievements of Mosques and individuals who have contributed to making some of our Mosques dynamic and vibrant institutions.

We hope that these nominations not only give the Mosques and their staff something to celebrate but also the confidence to sustain and improve the standard of operation and accountability of their organisations.

The impactful, approachable and motivational Imams and Mosque Staff – male and female- are valuable assets within our community. Without the daily tireless, positive and inspirational work of many of these individuals, British Muslims would not have been able to accomplish some the community’s collective goals, and the aim to be an inclusive, generous and diverse British Muslim community. Those selfless individuals deserve our gratitude, wider recognition and generous appreciation.

At the MINAB we aim to improve good governance and standards of Imams and Mosques Staff so that the services offered by our Mosques are not only wide-ranging but engaging, creative and beneficial to communities across Britain. With this in mind, the MINAB is delighted to support the Beacon Mosque awards initiative. We hope that Beacon Mosque Awards shall act as a beacon to inspire many other Mosques and institutions to improve their governance and aspire to become much more accountable, inclusive and engaging institutions.

Imam Qari Asim

Chair, the Mosques & Imam National Advisory Board.