Beacon Mosque Awards



The inaugural Beacon Mosque Awards was an incredibly uplifting and encouraging event that celebrated the incredibly positive contribution and remarkable achievements of many Mosques across Britain.

Indeed, as a community we have a lot to improve on but at the Awards event there were some truly inspiring winners and finalists who made us proud!

                                                      Winners of the Best Green Initiative and MINAB members The Bahu Trust

Beacon Mosque has done a fantastic job in giving British Muslims an opportunity to not only recognise and celebrate their “Beacon Mosques”, Impactful Imams and Mosque Staff (male and female) but also to show how important it is to have Mosques which are more engaging, inclusive, vibrant and well-governed.


           “We need to see more and more of our mosques to follow the Prophetic model of Masjid-un-Nabwi.”



The MINAB was delighted to support the Beacon Mosque Awards initiative and will closely work with Beacon Mosque to strive excellence in our mosques.


As chair of MINAB, I want to convey our sincere congratulations to all the shortlisted mosques and institutions, but in particular the winners! The awards are well deserved and recognise the vision and hard work of not only the leadership of those Mosques but also the support of their congregations.


Special thanks to Brother Shaukat Warraich, founder of Beacon Mosque Standards Striving for Excellence, for having the vision, capacity, and credibility to deliver on an important and timely initiative!


MINAB is very proud of its members  who were nominated for awards and those who won. They stand as beacons of their local communities  and an inspiration  to the wider British community as excellent examples of community hubs. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

Congratulations to our members: 

-The Bahu Trust (Best Green Initiative)

-Finsbury Park Mosque, (Best Outreach Programme)

-Noor Ul Islam, (Best Women Service)

-Dunfermeline Mosque and Islamic Centre, (Best Outreach Programme)

-Minhuj al Quran, (Best Outreach Programme)

-East London mosque, Best Elderly Service (nominated)


Let’ continue the amazing work and nominate more of our mosques and institutions for next year’s Beacon Mosque Awards!

Chairman Imam Qari Asim (MBE)


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