Belonging and Brexit viewed through an interfaith dialogue



“Where are you from?” is a question about ‘belonging’ that man Muslims are all too familiar with. Can Muslims belong in the UK? Far right extremists says ‘No’. ‘Islamist extremists’ also say ‘No’.

But many Prophetic traditions say and  Islamic history demonstrates that Muslims can legitimately ‘belong’ to Ummah as well as our country of residence. There are Islamic obligations to take part in national life; contribute to national interests, integrate and build strong human connections.

‪Imam Qari Asim at the Christian Muslim forum said that “Poll after poll have shown negative Social Attitudes towards Muslims. But Faith organisations can play a critical role towards reaching Reconciliation & Solidarity.”

The speakers at the Belonging and Brexit seminar gave thought-provoking and absorbing presentations, which were followed by engaging conversations by the participants.


Faith Leaders must hold populist leaders to account to make our societal discourses more meaningful, reconciling and solution-oriented;  some of the genuine concerns regarding cultural changes within the indigenous as well migrant communities must be properly addressed.