The following prayer will be offered in some MINAB member mosques in Britain on the Brexit Day. 

Britain’s Exit from the EU is a major national event in British history, dawn of a new era. The Brexit Day, Friday 31 January, marks the beginning of a national transition.

Let’s pray to our Lord, Allah Almighty, for hope, meaning, peace and prosperity in the times ahead and for God’s guidance for those in authority. Pray that our political leadership may lead us to the new era with, compassion, wisdom and insight. 

God help us to leave the EU without elation or despair.

Help Britain rise to the challenge and unite around common good.

Guide us to build post-Brexit Britain rooted in love for our neighbour, the yearning to support the weak & welcome the stranger.

Inspire us to bridge fragmentation and heal deep divides. Inspire us with the spirit of justice, equality and common humanity.

Save us from petulance, surly, bigotry, hatred and spite.

Cause us to reach our aspirations in peace and joy.

Help us to love for our brother, sister, friend, neighbour or colleague what we love for ourselves.

The challenge to live according to the values of compassion and unity has never been more important than now. Let’s pray that we find within ourselves the moral fibre to work for the good of our country and fellow citizens.
Qari Muhammad Asim

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