Brexit Debate – Respect for All Sides


Imams have held a number of meetings on mosques discussing the recent heated debates around Brexit. The language in the Brexit debate continues to get more and more toxic, whether in the Houses of Parliament or in our living rooms- and therefore common ground needs to be found. It is easy to descend into division and abuse than to find unity and respect.

A leader should be able to lead, to see the big picture and not lose sight of the key issues, and behave with responsibility and integrity. This is what British people expect from their political leaders.

It is important that the language we use in our discourses and debates is measured. Words from the mouth of an individual can turn into a weapon and cause considerable harm, and emotional scars. Words of a leader have the power to unite diverse groups and communities or lead to deep divisions in a society. It is a leader’s choice whether he/she legitimises hatred and emboldens those who might harm others or spreads peace and love for others.

We pray together for allĀ MPs and their staff that they express their views wisely and listen to others attentively, responding with respect and dignity. We pray that all those involved in the #Brexit debate exercise grace and peace in their deliberations.

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