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#2020Reconnection- MINAB calls for Unity in our Country

Imam Qari Asim is one of the country’s leading voices who have signed a joint letter, along with leading figures from the worlds of culture, sport, faith, civil society and business to demand the 2020s be a “decade of reconnection”. Imam Qari Asim, the chair of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board, said a […]


Qari Asim’s New Year Message- Unity in Britain #NewYearResolution

As we make personal #NewYearResolutions, let’s also consider some national and global challenges, which directly or indirectly affect us. Of course, any year brings its challenges. But the real test is not whether challenges come; it’s how you face them. One of the ways to tackle these challenges is to focus on Reconnecting in 2020: […]


London Bridge Attack: Usman Khan is a Terrorist, not a Martyr!

“The Terrorist attack on London Bridge on 29 November is utterly condemned. Our thoughts are with families of two people who have died and another three who have been injured in this stabbing attack. The continued targeting of fellow citizens fills me with utter revulsion and it is an aberration to all people of faith and goodwill. […]


Islamic New Year

Wishing a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling Islamic new year to all Muslims around the world as they welcome in the new Islamic year, 1441.  We ask Allah Almighty for goodness, well being and prosperity in the new year 1441 Al Hijri. May the new year be full of happiness, kindness and healing, in particular […]


Imam Qari Asim appointed Independent expert to tackle Islamophobia

Congratulations to our Chairman Imam Qari Asim MBE, who has been appointed as the independent adviser to tackle Islamophobia and to provide expert advice on a definition of Islamophobia to the government. This new work will build on the definitions of Islamophobia currently being considered, including the APPG definition. Qari Asim is the Deputy Chair […]


Bridging the Divide: Confronting Hate

Qari Asim, MBE Qari Asim is on the regional leadership board of Remembering Srebrenica charity and deputy chair of cross-government Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group. He can be reached at @QariAsim This week marks the 24th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide. The theme for 2019 Srebrenica Memorial Week is ‘Bridging the Divide: Confronting Hate’; it invites us […]