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Imam Qari Asim’s statement on Shamima Begum

Imam Qari Asim MBE, Chairman of MINAB has released a statement below in light of the recent decision by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to strip Shamima Begum, the bride who ran away in 2014 to Daesh, of her British citizenship. “Shamima Begum made a dangerous and damaging decision to join Daesh’s now failing state; […]


British Shia & Sunni Scholars visit holy sites in Iraq to promote understanding

  In Baghdad there exists two neighbourhoods that sit on opposite sides of the river Tigris, connected by the Aa’mah bridge over the river Tigris. These two neighbourhoods both have holy sites for Shias and Sunnis. In the Shia majority Kazmiah there lies two graves of Musa al-Kadhim and his grandson, Muhammad al-Jawad ibn Ali al-Ridha. And in Azamiyyah lies […]


Islamophobia Awareness Week Innovative Grant

Islamophobia MINAB is launching a campaign to raise awareness about Islamophobia (i.e. statements and actions based on a sentiment of hatred of Islam and Muslims). With the rise of far-right extremism, there has been a significant increase in hate crimes committed against minority communities, in particular Muslims. Last year saw a record number of anti-Muslim […]


Attack Outside Al-Majlis Al Hussaini

On the 18th of September, worshippers were leaving a lecture as part of an Ashura gathering, commemorating the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson Imam Hussain (AS), at the Al Hussaini Islamic Centre in Cricklewood when a car mounted the pavement outside the Centre in Oxgate Lane. The red Nissan indiscriminately drove into the worshipers […]


Beacon Mosque Awards

  The inaugural Beacon Mosque Awards was an incredibly uplifting and encouraging event that celebrated the incredibly positive contribution and remarkable achievements of many Mosques across Britain. Indeed, as a community we have a lot to improve on but at the Awards event there were some truly inspiring winners and finalists who made us proud! […]


The Islamic New Year of 1440 AH

The MINAB wishes a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling new year to all Muslims throughout the world. We ask Allah Almighty for goodness, kindness and well-being in the coming year 1440 Hijra. We pray that this new year brings renewed hope for our communities and gives Mosques’ leaders the courage and confidence to make mosques […]


MINAB’s response to the hate crime attacks in Birmingham

MINAB’s response to the hate crime attacks in Birmingham Assalamu Alaikum, On Wednesday the 15th of August during evening prayers, two Mosques, Masjid Qamarul Islam and  Al-Hijrah mosque in Small Heath Birmingham were attacked and had their windows smashed by catapults. These incidents are being treated as hate crime incidents by West Midlands Police. MINAB strongly […]