Mosques and Imams across the UK have raised an alarming concern around the Covid Bill presented to the Parliament. 

The concern is about a draft subsection in SCHEDULE 27 – PART 2 relating to ‘dispose of bodies which includes removal of the deceased’s wishes and enforced cremations’. 

Whilst we support the UK Government’s approach to covering all eventualities and finding the optimal way to defeat coronavirus, there is a serious concern that the current draft Coronavirus Bill, as it stands, will force Muslims to cremate their loved ones. This is strictly against the religion of Islam (as well as other faith groups).

We urgently call upon all legislators to carefully consider an amendment to the Coronavirus Bill to ensure that a suitable alternative to cremation is diligently considered in cases of extreme emergencies. We support the amendment to the Coronavirus Bill tabled by Naz Shah MP.

The Muslim community in the UK has been managing burials in accordance with their faith for decades and has built a thorough network of teams to manage this emergency situation. 

We strongly urge legislators to maintain Britain’s commitment to the fundamentals of human rights Freedom of Religion. The religious beliefs of British people must be respected even in the most difficult of circumstances. 

MINAB, BBSI, and Wifaq Ulama urges the Government, MPs, local authorities and all parties of interest to work with Muslims and other faith communities in ensuring the religious requirements are taken into account during the passing of the Coronavirus Bill.