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Racism within Muslim Communities | An Honest Conversation About Black Lives Matter

The need for justice for all compels us to work together to eliminate racism, a real phenomenon that causes immeasurable harm societally and intergenerationally. The establishment of social justice has to begin in our homes and communities; challenging our own prejudice and the apparent lack of equality in our organisations, institutions, and beyond.

In solidarity with the black communities in the USA, the UK, and beyond, MINAB’s Zoom discussion will address Racism within Muslim Communities and hopes to facilitate an honest conversation about Black Lives Matter.


Join us on Zoom, this Thursday,
11th JUNE 2020  |  8 PM – 9.30 PM | UK TimeDiscussion Topics include:
– Exploring Racism in Our Community
– Underrepresentation of Black Muslims in our Organisations
– Racism / Colonisation
– Hidden Caste System in the UK
– White Supremacy and its impact today
– Systemic change and Solutions