Extremist hate preacher is denounced by Muslims




Anjem Choudary the extremist hate preacher and leader of the defunct terrorist group Al Muhajirrun will be released after serving a sentence for supporting Daesh.

MINAB which represents  over 200 mosques and many more imams and Muslims believes that Anjem Choudary is a dangerous, individual who propagates a distorted interpretation of Islam which millions of Muslim in Britain do not believe in. He has radicalized young men and spread a twisted version of Islam. His extremist rhetoric creates division and feeds into a deadly cycle of radicalisation which distorts the minds of young men and women and justifies far right extremists’ attacks on innocent Muslims and their Islamophobic rhetoric.

MINAB denounces him and his actions and he does not represent British Muslims who finds his views abhorrent.

The media must not give him, his associates or beliefs the attention he craves. In the past this has proven to be disastrous  when his views were given a mainstream media platform to peddle his hate speech which led to the death of many, indoctrinated young people and created division.

Islam is about peace, love and respect and a wider media spotlight should be A media spotlight should be shone on the beliefs of the majority of peaceful and loving Muslims and people who truly represent them.