Extremist hate preacher is denounced by Muslims


Anjem Choudary, an extremist hate preacher and leader of the defunct terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun will be released after serving a sentence for supporting Daesh.

MINAB which represents over 200 mosques and many more imams across the country believes that the likes of Anjem Choudary are dangerous individuals who propagate a distorted interpretation of Islam. His extremist rhetoric creates division and feeds into a deadly cycle of radicalisation which distorts the minds of young men and women and is used by far right extremists to justify their Islamophobic rhetoric and attacks on innocent Muslims.

MINAB denounces this individual’s dangerous beliefs and actions and would like to reiterate that this individual does not represent Islam or British Muslims, who finds his views abhorrent.

We also strongly urge the media to not give him, his associates or beliefs the attention they desperately crave.


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