Imams dedicate their Friday sermons to the victims of Srebrenica


Today Mosques and Imams across the country are dedicating their Jummah prayers (Friday Sermons) to the victims of the horrible massacre of ethnic Bosnian Muslims that happened in the town of Srebrenica on July the 11th 1995.

Remembering Srebrenica (     s r AI b – r eh – n EE t – s uh ) is a charity that aims to raise awareness of the Srebrenica genocide that happened in the town in July 1995, while bringing communities together to tackle hatred and intolerance, to help build a safer, stronger Britain.

In July 1995, 8,372 men and boys were executed in the Srebrenica, Bosnia genocide simply because they were Muslim – just 24 years ago!

Below is a mosque guide for a Jummah to commemorate the Srebrenica massacre.



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