Bismillah a Rahman a Raheem,


M.I.N.A.B. had an Executive meeting on Saturday the 27th  of October. The meeting brought together MINAB executive members from across the United Kingdom from as far as Bristol, London, Leicester and Manchester to discuss issues important matters relating to women, youth engagement as well as the objectives of MINAB. We would like to thank our hosts at the Islamic Education Centre for hosting us and to thank our Trustee Shaykh Imran Abdali.


Discussions were focused around how to increase participation of women as a congregation in service delivery and in decision making across mosques in the UK. There was a significant representation of Executive female members and consultants who attended the meeting and told their stories and the experiences of their congregation. The Executives were in agreement that women were an important resource pool that could contribute more to their congregation, communities and the British Muslim community if they were given  more chance and the capacity to get involved in the management of mosques. Going forward MINAB will focus on these issues and go ahead with the solutions that the Board came up with to engage women in senior decisions across mosques.


The meeting also had a presentation on charity governance from Khalid Sofi, lawyer and expert on charity and public law, who gave an insight into the governance of mosques and legal responsibilities and duties of a charity’s trustees.

Faith Associates founder Shaukat Warraich also gave a presentation on the work of his organisation and the importance of good governance highlighting the MINAB beacon award mosque winners for their excellent work and how they can be used as models to replicate in other mosques to bring them up to a higher standard.


The meeting ended with a presentation by the Chair, Imam Qari Asim, on the centenary of the end of World War I and the contribution of Muslims to the British war effort. The presentation was about raising awareness of Muslims’ contribution during World War I. This was a deep and touching presentations as some imams had relatives who had fought in World War I.  The ‘Remember Together’ project is designed in collaboration with British Future which seeks to highlight Muslims efforts during both World Wars and foster integration between British communities.  Imams will deliver a Friday sermon leading up to Remembrance day on November the 11th throughout the country.