MINAB launches a network of Muslim women representing mosques across the country that aim to improve community standards through collaboration, innovation and sharing good practice.



MINAB Trustees have made it a priority to ensure that our Mosques are fit for purpose and being managed in the best ways for their communities while also recognising that this can be challenging.  We all must work together to ensure that Mosque Boards and projects in Mosques are diverse in terms of people who are involved. This will include, for example, more engagement with women and with young people.

Trustee Aksa Yousaf Khan will lead in the area of engagement with women and Mosques. Aksa is a Trustee of MINAB and passionate about empowerment and involvement of women in our mosques. She brings with her a wealth of experience as a solicitor, governor of a Islamic school as well as board level positions in Islamic institutions responsible for madrasahs, prayers, interfaith & public authority engagement work as well as initiatives to help build stronger, better and more cohesive communities. She is working alongside Julie Siddiqi who is  experienced in many fields, in particular the integration of women to British Muslim society.

We are setting up a Network of women from all over the UK who have connections with local Mosques. Some of them may be Trustees or Board members but most of them won’t be and that is OK.  We want to bring them together to get to know each other, share ideas and importantly we want to be able to showcase the good work that is happening and where women are involved with that. It is so important we celebrate the good work that is going on up and down the country.

In February we will be running a training day for the women in the Network.

Please get in touch if you or someone you know would be good for this Network.
Email: women@minab.org.uk.

Please watch our video about the Network and how people can get involved with this important area of focus.