MINAB: Next Generation




East London:

      Dates: 17-18th & 24-25th of November


Creating community leaders for tomorrow

The MINAB is launching a Next Generation Programme in  East London  – to build a “stronger community network”- to enhance social action in local communities by supporting mosques and imams to strengthen social integration and community programmes.

We are recruiting young leaders aged 18-30 years old from across East London to join the Building Stronger Communities Challenge – Increasing the involvement of young leaders and in mosques and community programmes through personal development .

Spaces are limited on the programme.

This certified Personal Development Programme (PDP) works to inspire, motivate and equip participants to engage and lead effectively in our modern world, building on their traditions while moving forward in a contemporary context. A cornerstone of personal development and the biggest block to leadership is the ‘self’, and how we communicate and engage others.


من عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه

“He who knows himself knows his Lord”

The Personal Development Programme is certified by the Institute for Leadership and Management. The programme will cover:

  • Leadership principles, theories and qualities
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the self through MBTI self-assessment and group application exercises
  • Reflection and personal development planning


  • Strategic Communication and Media Training
    • Develop an effective messaging and PR strategy,
    • Engage with the media strategically at a top editorial level
    • Analyse the roles and functions of an ideal communication department
    • Crisis Management Communication;
    • Positioning and tactics responding rapidly and decisively to a crisis
    • Having a strong online presence and creating effective social media campaigns


The program will help develop a broader range of voices in particularly young people and women to assist mosques and  other community programmes to discuss sensitive issues

such as:


    • Extremism and radicalisation
    • Integration
    • Sectarianism
    • Activism  
    • Identify how, where and when to engage in the policy and legislative process



This programme is valued at £1500 and upon completion they get awarded with a certificate from the Institute fro Leadership and Management.




You can apply by filling out the application form. If you require further information please contact info@minab.org.uk



In 2017 Citizens UK  Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life  encouraged umbrella bodies such as MINAB to provide training for future leaders so they become more outward facing and to gain access to leadership opportunities for Women and Youth through Muslim organisations. The aim of this programme is to give a generation of young Muslim leaders life skills to become community leaders and to navigate contemporary issues.


You can read more on the report by clicking here