1. The government’s announcement to open places of worship on 15 June is welcome but this does not allow Mosques to hold five daily prayers in congregation.

2. The MINAB agrees with the Government’s phased approach to re-opening but suggests that small-scale congregational prayers are allowed as soon as safely possible so that a small number of people can hold five daily prayers in mosques in a congregation, following social distancing and other safety measures.

3. In the meantime, the MINAB’s advice for mosques is to ensure safety of the public has been considered before opening for individual prayers on 15th June.

4. With this in mind, the MINAB has prepared interim suggestive guidelines for mosques to start putting processes in place to enable re-opening. This would include measures such as risk assessments, distance markings, controls at entrances and exits, and the temporary closure of washing facilities.

Detailed guidelines are available HERE: