Mosques and Imams denounce hate crime in their Friday sermons


This week is Hate Crime Awareness Week where voices of hate crime survivors are heard and actions are undertaken to tackle racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hate crime.  Over 200 Mosques and Imams across Britain will be denouncing hatred in their weekly Friday sermon as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week. The mosque sermons will reach thousands of Muslims across Britain, emphasising Islamic texts on respect, tolerance and love regardless of skin colour or belief.

MINAB welcome the government’s refreshed hate crime action plan to tackle hatred in our society and promote shared values.

Muslims suffer disproportionately from Hate Crime attacks with 52% of religious hate crimes are against Muslims according to Home Office data released this week.

The far right movements have launched large scale campaigns against Muslims, spreading hatred and misinformation, through social media platforms which have seeped into mainstream media.
These false claims and dangerous generalisation work to undermine British Muslims’ contribution to society.

One of the false claims noted in the recent Hope Not Hate’s Report (Fear, Hope and Loss) sis that fat right believe that there are “Muslim no-go areas” that are governed by Shariah Law courts.

Qari Asim the Chairman of MINAB says:
“The far right distort Islam and exploit national political issues by perpetuating fear and a sense that Sharia is going to take over the country.” “

Hate crime, violence and the harming of innocent people should be denounced and tackled regardless of the skin colour and religious belief of the victim.

MINAB strongly condemns all forms of hate crime attacks. MINAB is committed to procure that our mosques are at the forefront of combatting hatred and spreading love. MINAB has requested Imams, across the country, to include the subject of hate crime, in their Friday sermons and remind their congregations the Islamic principles of mutual respect, being compassionate, spreading peace and helping those in vulnerable situations.

Hate always loses and love always flourishes. Hateful acts and statements are committed by a deplorable and ignorant minority; although their words and actions grab headlines, thankfully they do not represent the majority of people in our country. All of us can do more to triumph over hate by working together on shared values. We should recognize hate crime as it happens whether it is to us or others and report it and speak out against it wherever it happens – in the stands, in the streets or in the work place. We should all do more to spread the message of love and unity.


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