The latest easing of restrictions by the Government has allowed certain businesses to open from Monday 1st June 2020 whilst by 15th June 2020 non-essential shops/businesses may start trading again. Mosques, however, along with other places of worship have been allocated at Stage 3 of the Governments Coronavirus Recovery Strategy and the current date for opening is  4th July 2020.  Even then this is expected to be initially for individual prayers and not congregational prayers.

 [NB: groups of up to six people can gather from Monday 1 June. They can be from different households, but they have to meet outside – such as in parks or private gardens.]

The delay in re-opening of the mosques has been deeply disappointing for Mosques and Imams all around the country because mosques are centers of hope and healing, in particular at times of crisis the MINAB continues to urge the Government, along with other faith groups, to ease the restrictions and allow places of worship to be opened sooner, complying with social distancing and other safety measures.

The MINAB is working closely with the BBSI (British Board of Scholars and Imams), which is part of the Government’s Taskforce to develop a plan to enable phased and safe reopening of places of worship. Detailed guidance is expected to be produced in due course. 

Whilst we await this guidance and any further updates from the Government, we have been approached by hundreds of mosques and Imams to issue interim guidance due to the current uncertainties. This advice is therefore for the provisional period and subjects to the advice to be issued by the Government’s Task Force.

Click here to download MINAB – Mosques Re Opening Interim Guidance