Mourning Judge Khurshid Drabu


The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board deeply mourns the passing away of one of its architects: Judge Khurshid Drabu, CBE.

Khurshid Drabu was a man of exceptional integrity, dedication and worked all his life to bring communities together and to raise the standards of Muslim organisations and especially mosques, institutions and educational establishments. He effortlessly insisted on the raising of standards in mosques through better management and governance, empowerment of youth and women as well as interfaith relations and the use of mosques as community hubs. His emphasis on the youth and empowering women was particularly noticeable.

His impartiality was one of his important qualities for which he was well known for; as a result, which earned him trust of all the sections of the Muslim Community. That made Judge Khursid the natural choice to be the election commissionerand constitutional affairs of both umbrella organisations: the MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) and the MINAB.

As the first Muslim Judge in the UK, he was a role model for many practitioners of law and many young Muslims to integrate and participate to an active life within his own community and within the community at large.

Born in Srinagar, Kashmir, Khurshid Drabu studied Humanities and Law in India. In 1971 he migrated to the United Kingdom where he quickly excelled in his field. He was called to the Bar of England & Wales in 1977 and became an expert in Immigration Law and later became the Deputy Director of UK Immigrants Advisory Service (The UKIAS). In 1990 he was the first Deputy Legal Director of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) reviewing the Race Relations Act 1976. In 2000, he became the Vice President of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal and served as Senior Immigration Judge until 2007 when he took early retirement. He then worked as a Fee Paid Judge at the Upper Tribunal in the Asylum and Immigration Chamber.

Khurshid Drabu was awarded the honour of Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2010 by HM the Queen.


Khurshid Hassan Drabu tried selflessly to do his little bit to make our world a better place, his endeavours to unite those that were disunited and to build a bridge of harmony for those who sought peace. He was a man of his words and persevered right through to the end. He will truly be missed and we pray that his commitment will continue to survive and no doubt that what he has done and achieved will be a legacy for many decades to come.

MINAB would like to offer its condolences to his wife Reefat Drabu and four children: Aliya, Farrah,  Hamza and Zayba. Today we pray that our Creator judges him lightly and reward him for the good that he did. Truly a loving husband, father, friend and an advocate of justice. He will be missed. May Allah make his journey an easy one, bless his soul and grant him Jannat Al Ferdous – Ameen!

The chair of MINAB, Maulana Shahid Raza on this sad occasion said: 

We have lost a pillar, a man of selfless commitment and dedication as well as being a close friend; he was close to many people’s heart. He will be missed and we pray to Allah for His blessings and Mercy.