MINAB is a registered charity under the laws of England and Wales. Its aims and remit are defined in its Constitution/Trust Deed. MINAB is a service provider for its members, in facilitating good governance in mosques through an agreed process of self regulation.

In response to a number of requests from various organisations and individuals asking for the position of MINAB on the murder of a shopkeeper in Glasgow in the last few days, the Chairman of MINAB, Maulana Shahid Raza OBE has felt it necessary to put this statement out to remind all that the MINAB concurs with and supports the statements made by its founding members condemning the cowardly and criminal act. MINAB extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the bereaved.

Maulana Shahid Raza OBE said, “I should like to take this opportunity to remind all members of MINAB that Imams in the mosques should ensure that as part of their sermons their congregation are made to understand and respect the laws of our country and guard against any provocative statements or acts of others which they might find offensive. The laws of United Kingdom give equal protection to all to practice their religion or not to follow any religion or belief. In the United Kingdom all persons are protection against acts of hatred and discrimination on grounds of religion and we as Muslims must respect all laws and make best use of the laws.”



Responses to the proposals need to be sent by 11 January 2016, to. These need to be sent to:

By e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by post to:

Out-of-school settings: call for evidence Department for Education Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT

The responses can be sent by giving answers to set questions on a prescribed form or can be sent in the form of a letter. Responses are invited from parents, children, local authorities and education providers.

MINAB works with Faith Associates Ltd and you would be well advised to visit the website www.madrassah.co.uk for further information and assistance.


The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) aims to improve governance in mosques and the training of Imams in the UK through an agreed system of self-regulation amongst its members.

We are recruiting an Administrative Officer to work part-time with the Chairman in our Wembley office for 15 hours per week, 10 of those hours must be on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during standard office hours.

The rate of pay will be £9.7 per hour (London Living Wage).


Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not confined to the following:


  • To collate and keep membership records
  • To perform administrative and logistical tasks
  • To update website as instructed
  • To assist the Chairman in the performance of his duties
  • To organise and store paperwork, documents and computer-based information
  • To take minutes


  • Experience of working in the faith or voluntary sector
  • Well developed skills of written and oral communication
  • Good Knowledge of MS Office
  • To demonstrate a good working knowledge of maintaining a website
  • Have good interpersonal skills
  • Be willing to be trained to use the membership system


  • Organised approach to work
  • Tact, discretion and respect for confidentiality
  • Ability to use your own initiative by prioritising and managing tasks


The deadline to apply is 5pm, on 5th April 2016.

Please send your CV and covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Asalamualikum wa Rehmattu Lahi wa Baraktahu

At a meeting of the Board of Trustees held in October 2015, I was elected as Interim Chair following the resignation of Maulana Sarfraz Madni. Maulana Sarfraz Madni tendered his resignation for personal as well as professional reasons. He said he had found it very difficult to find the time required to lead MINAB. His commitment and work for MINAB was unanimously praised by the Board and I was persuaded to step into his shoes pending the calling of the Annual General Meeting of members of the MINAB.

I am pleased to bring you some good news in these days when Muslims rarely have that pleasure. As you must know, we are engulfed in most toxic media portrayal of our faith and many of us have become tragic victims of Islamophobia and hatred against us as Muslims. The good news is that the MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board) which was conceived and led by the Muslim communities, had remained inactive in the last few years for a variety of reasons. MINAB is being re-launched as a result of decisions made by the Board of Trustees who have been meeting to discuss its future. In these critical times we must all work together to keep our institutions safe and well governed. MINAB is your organization.

MINAB, as you will know was built on an inclusive vision to improve governance in our masajid and in the training institutes for Imams.  In the first four years of its existence the MINAB delivered a number of capacity building programmes and in pursuit of its objective of self-regulation of masajid, visits were carried out to assist some of the members on issues of the agreed set of standards for improvement of governance. The Board of Trustees apologise for not having continued with the good work but as might appreciate finance for running the organization was a huge impediment and remains so.

However due to the prevailing circumstances, the Board of Trustees of MINAB have now committed themselves to the revival of MINAB as our institutions, Masajid and Madaaris are at serious risk of state interference. It is our duty as Muslims to do all we can to maintain and promote our independence in the faith that we follow as well as the institutions attached to our faith.  In order to discharge that duty we have to ensure that our own house is in order in that our mosques and madaaris are being run efficiently as well as safely. The terms and conditions of service for persons who serve as Imams and their qualifications are matters of serious concern and we have to work on this as a matter of priority.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you and to seek your support and commitment to the rebirth of MINAB. As you will know our government has passed a number of laws in the last few years with the aim of protecting the safety and security of our country but many such laws have had an adverse impact on many innocent Muslims. Whilst, we as citizens, welcome all measures to protect the security of our nation, we need to remain vigilant about the impact of such laws on our freedom to practice our faith without undue interference or to be singled out as a faith group for particular attention.

The government has now published a consultation paper on the registration and eventual regulation of Madaaris. This is an extremely important development and is bound to have huge impact on our future as a community in the UK. With your involvement and support MINAB would like to engage in this process of consultation. MINAB will assist you in responding to the Consultative document and would also be happy to co-ordinate and collate responses in this regard from our members. Please look out for further news on our website which is www.minab.org.uk. Responses to the Consultative document have to be filed before 11 January 2016.

Also please contact me or any of my colleague Trustees with any ideas or plans that you may have in regard to MINAB or generally about the improvement of our institutions.


Yours in Islam,

Maulana Mohammed Shahid Raza OBE

Interim Chairman

 19th November 2015


The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board call on our members and their affiliates across the United Kingdom to adopt the “Prayer for the Nation” as part of their services and sermons, on Friday 20th November 2015.
One of the first and most fundamental ways Muslims show feelings of commonality and brotherhood is through prayer.

Imam Shahid Raza OBE, Chairman, Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board said:
“The prayer is thought to be an opportunity for British Muslims to express a national identity in their own way. The prayers ask God to keep Britain a harmonious nation that protects the marginalized, upholds strong moral values and to promote loyalty among our diverse communities.”

“My colleague and I have given our full support to establish the “Prayer for the Nation”, and through our network of 1500+ faith leaders across the UK, we will be launching the Prayer at our sermons on Friday 20th November, but not exclusively our attention will also be at those who may not regular visit the Mosque, we will share on our Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Accounts, we will get our young people to share on Instagram and SnapChat.”

“The prayer is not exclusive to faith leaders. We encourage it to be recited at our homes, madrassahs, community events, social gatherings and in our hearts and minds. We hope this will help nurture future generations of believers and contribute positively to the wider British society.”

Mustafa Field MBE, the Director of the Faiths Forum for London, said:
“The prayer could perhaps cultivate and give a voice to sentiments of amity and fraternity with British society at large.”

“The notion of citizenship revolve not only around moral values and legal obligations, but also around cultural narratives about identity and loyalty.”

“The concept of Britishness is fluid, but is based on our consensus around our shared values, and as a spiritual identity that favours cultural inclusiveness as an antidote to narrow nationalism.”

“The “Prayer for the Nation” is a contribution to the strengthening the sense of citizenship the holds our nation together.”


Below is a full transcript

Prayer For The Nation

Oh Allah, our lord, unite our nation around the principles of justice, peace, love and faith.

Put peace and love in our hearts for the diversity that makes our country so beautiful

Oh Lord, most Strong, Give us the strength to protect and care for our neighbours. 

Oh Lord, we pray for our nation, the United Kingdom. to remain loving, compassionate, remove prejudice from our hearts, and enable us to love our brothers and sisters of all faiths and none

Make our hearts and minds aware of our heritage, fulfilling duties and responsibilities as a citizen of our country!

Allah, Most Merciful, allow us to show kindness to those most vulnerable in society.

Protect us from evil, inspire and guide us in defending those open to abuse.

Lord, Most Generous allow us to give in charitable activity, and to help those most in need.

Lord give our Government vision and wisdom, as they take decisions affecting peace in our world. 

Allah, our Sustainer, allow us to care for our environment and sustain this world for future generations.  

Lord, Most merciful, Most Generous, please give us the patience to continue to learn from one another and work towards a more peaceful and kind world.

Make true in our nation the ideas of freedom and justice and brotherhood for all those who live for them.

Make our hearts generous so that we may treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Help us to share that which we have with others, for your sake. Strengthen us, love us and be kind to us all.

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