Reports from Pakistan claim that two centres of worship belonging to the Ahmadi/Qadiani sect in Lahore have been attacked. Even though this sect is not regarded as belonging to the fold of Islam by the majority of Muslims in the world, it is the belief of MINAB that all places of worship should be safe from any such attack, no matter to which faith or group they belong.


The membership application form was signed by the Principal of the Muslim College Mr Abdul Ali Hamid who is sitting in the middle flanked by MINAB Project Director Khurshid Drabu on the left and Maulana Imam Shahid Raza, member of the MINAB Steering Group on the right



The Chairs of the MINAB and Christian Muslim Forum held a meeting on 19th May 2011.

They discussed strategic priorities for both MINAB and CMF, further improving relationships between mosques and churches in neighbourhoods, and supporting faith leaders on this matter.


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