As Christmas draws closer, the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board invites its members and British Muslim institutions more widely, to reach out to their non Muslim neighbours and friends.

Maulana Safraz Madni, Chairman of MINAB said:

"I will for sure be sending out messages to my friends and neighbours wishing them a Happy Christmas. I'd encourage my colleagues in all British mosques to also do so.

This is what many of us already do, so in one respect this is not something new. But at times when communities feel the pinch of tensions, as we've experienced this year, it's doubly important to restate our commitment to values that bind. Christmas is a touchpoint between Christians and Muslims and therefore a great opportunity to demonstrate this commitment."

Judge Khurshid Drabu CBE, Chairman of Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd and Advisor to the MINAB Board of Trustees said:

"Our Mosque's social action groups in these difficult economic times will be working with the wider community to support vulnerable residents. This includes helping the elderly and tackling homelessness in our local communities. Many of our congregation will be participating in programmes with local churches to rejoice in the commonality of our scriptures as well as our values.

Christmas is a time that we spend with our families and neighbours. My wife and I have always used this opportunity to remind ourselves and to teach our children about how Jesus (peace and blessings on him) did not judge people, that recognising his great mission and Prophethood is integral to Islam, and that he reached out to all, be they the sick, marginalised, or the destitute."

Maulana Ahmed Nisar Begg Qadri, Secretary of MINAB said:

"For those who are celebrating the festive and auspicious occasion of Christmas, on behalf of MINAB, I take this opportunity to felicitate the entire community on this happy occasion."

Sayeda Khalida Rehman, Vice Chair of MINAB said:

"Mosques are integral parts of our local communities, I commend the initiative led by many various Mosques and community representatives to distribute cards to neighbours, friends, churches, schools and civil society and civic organisations."

The MINAB affirms that Christmas is an opportunity to bring people, families and neighbours together. It is also a time in which we must play a role in addressing local issues.

The MINAB encourages its members to mobilise volunteering at various centres for social action, helping those most vulnerable during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The campaign's social media presence is as follows #Christmas4All and www.facebook.com/Christmas4All/

Notes to Editors:

  1. The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) is engaged in the promotion of good governance in Mosques and Imam Training Institutions through a process of voluntary self-regulation.
  2. It has a diverse membership of over 600 hundred Mosques and Training Institutions.
  3. It is a charity registered under the laws of England & Wales.
  4. It is a community led independent body, non-sectarian in its outlook with no role in matters of theology and an accountable and transparent system of representation.