LogoThe Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) is dedicated to increasing the awareness of issues affecting our planet. The environmental crisis that humanity is facing requires the attention and action of all communities in the UK. The Muslim community has an important role to play in this respect. The challenge that we face is enormous.

MINAB calls on all Mosques and Imams to mark the occasion of Climate Week to renew our ambition to combat climate change. The MINAB welcomes the many positive steps already being taken in communities across UK to mark Climate week particularly from the faith sector.


Maulana Sarfraz Madani, Chair of MINAB said, "Islam teaches us to behave as though we are visitors and vice regents in this world with a duty to protect and nurture the environment. We have a responsibility to not waste what it provides us nor abuse it, and we will be held accountable by our Lord on the day of judgment as to how we treated it. Climate Week is an opportunity for us all to use our Mosques to remind our regular attendees and others about the importance of reducing our waste, re-using items as much as possible and to re-cycle. It is part of our Islamic practice; and we have to take it seriously. As such I encourage everyone to actively participate in Climate Week and do all they can in spreading its message."

The MINAB has prepared a document for Mosques and Imams to use and distribute please click here to download.