The long awaited news of the Prince and the incredible weather has delighted the nation.

And this year, Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, coincides with the height of summer. As usual, Muslims have welcomed the month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation with their trademark enthusiasm and resolution.

Eid will be the well-earned reward for their voluntary hunger, remembrance and devotion. But first, and to mark this auspicious month by going that  extra mile, many Muslim communities around the country are sharing Iftar with their non-Muslim neighbours and with those in need. This unique effort, known as the 'Big Iftar' is a community-led scheme administered by the MINAB to build lasting trust - through the simple, but crucial, act of encouraging people, regardless of their background, to break bread together.

Maulana Sarfraz Madni, chair of MINAB attended a Big Iftar and said: "The event was well attended by Muslims and guests from other faiths and communities. For most of the invitees, it was the first time they were attending a mosque in their life. They were very much impressed and we were pleased to be able to host them.”

This Saturday - 27 July - is the pinnacle of the Big Iftar activity and a number of mosques and Islamic centres will be throwing open their doors to everyone.

We are pleased that 3 Government Ministers, the Communities Secretary Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Faith and Communities, and Baroness Hanham are taking part in Big Iftar events. Their support shows the significance of this scheme and we look forward to their presence at events in Brent, Leeds and Lincoln's Fields.

Events listing and other information can be found on this link:

The Big Iftar is about faith communities walking the talk. Please spread the word and take part in this groundbreaking initiative!

To keep in touch with the Big Iftar, please check:

Notes to editors
MINAB is the national body overseeing the voluntary self-regulation scheme of over 600 mosques and Islamic training institutions in the United Kingdom. It is a cross-sect coalition that includes Sunni, Shi’a, Sufi and other mosques.