On 12 December 2019, there will be a UK General Election and MINAB is passionate about Muslims fully participating in the General Election. Participation in the General Election will allow British Muslims to have their voices heard, and the opportunity to elect their MP, who will represent them in the House of Commons. The abstention from voting will always lead your less-favourite option winning. If Muslims want to ensure that the government and the politicians represent the voices of minority communities then they must vote.

It is the future of our shared home that is on the ballot paper. From Brexit to climate change, Islamophobia to religious freedom, education to NHS, having a job to getting on the property ladder – it is all of these issues along with many other concerns we have that can be influenced through participating in the General Election. There is no doubt that the repercussions of this election will be felt for many decades, so let the result be down to choice – and not the by-product of apathy.

Mosque and Imams National Advisory Board is running a Voter Registration campaign at different locations across the country in order to encourage people to register to vote in the upcoming General Elections. This campaign is not affiliated with any political party. MINAB  only seeks to encourage British citizens to fulfill their civic duty and register and participate in democratic elections.

Our team have set up stalls in the mosques across the country to help dozens of people to register online. They inform people about online & postal registration and provide many of them with registration forms as number of people wanted to register but they do not know their national insurance number.