Improving governance in Mosques and Training Institutions through ensuring members apply principles of good corporate governance. Our work involves supporting members to be open, democratic, and have accountable management. Provide support to members to registered as a charity, waqf or company. Work with members to develop policies on raising and spending of funds, equality of opportunity, racial and religious harassment, health and safety, hygiene, child protection. Work with members to develop robust processes to manage risks. Develop members to be compliant with Health and Safety, Hygiene, Fire Prevention, Childcare and protection and disability requirements.

The main aim of MINAB's youth committee is to promote and raise awareness of the needs of the youth.  MINAB will monitor and publicise good practice amongst members, as well as deliver training programmes for the youth to develop leadership skills.

MINAB's women's committee is set up to monitor women's involvement of women in organisations, as well to develop and deliver 'women's engagement' projects and training programmes for leadership roles.

The purpose of the Citizenship and Cohesion committee is to deliver programmes that promote civic responsibility of Muslims in the wider society; these programmes are delivered through partnerships with various community groups and Mosques.

MINAB' interfaith committee provides scholarly and professional training on interfaith to religious and community leaders. The committee also, produce materials that would educate people on the Islamic understanding of religious tolerance and co-existence.


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