MINAB Governance Committee endorses the FREE MOSQUE OPENDAY GUIDE produced by Faith Associates

Faith Associates launches its latest publication to support Mosques and Islamic centres, open its doors to the wider public.

Following requests by Mosques to organise, Open and Fun days, Faith Associates CEO Shaukat Warraich has compiled the following guide to support communities who wish to show case their centres and make the experience for visitors as exciting and informative as possible.

The Mosque Openday guide is;

  • To the point
  • Practical
  • Easy to use

The Objective of the Guide is to;

  • Support all sections of the Mosque congregation, particularly Youth and Women to take a role in supporting an open day
  • Offer a transparent and inclusive experience for visitors to a Mosque
  • Develop and showcase good practices
  • For Mosque Health checks or
  • Conduct an operational analysis or
  • To develop your Mosque assets into a Community hub
  • Develop a new constitution
  • Develop a new Madrassah management system.

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Faith Associates are pioneers in Mosque Management and governance training, support and Assets development.