Ramadan 2019


Assalamu Alaikum/Peace be upon you,


As we enter into the holy month of Ramadan, on behalf of MINAB’s staff and trustees, we wish you a Ramadan kareem.

During this Ramadan let us get closer to our Creator, Allah (SWT), through good words and actions. This is a time to refocus our life on remembering Allah through prayer, fasting and doing good deeds. Use this holy month to reach out to Muslims and people of other faiths and none, so they may experience the goodness of Islam through your actions and gain a better understanding of our deen and communities.

This year hundreds of Mosques and other venues will be hosting iftars, inviting local community members to join in whilst Muslims break their fast at the time of iftar. We urge communities to consider hosting an iftar in your local mosque or Islamic centre or attend some yourself. These are excellent opportunities to get to know your local community and reach out to others.

We must also be vigilant and aware of our security, as the recent attacks in New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the US have shown, places of worship are targets for terrorist attacks. There is a growing threat of Islamophobia towards Muslims from the far Right and even some mainstream public figures which puts our communities at risk. Individuals and Mosques should consider implementing security protocols and policies during Ramadan, in particular when their mosques are at their maximum capacity. If you are making your way to Taraweeh, carefully plan your route and alternative routes and go in small groups. We must remain vigilant but not be afraid of the extremists who want to divide our communities.

We hope that you have a Ramadan kareem and may Allah grant us the blessings of this Ramadan and accept our fast.





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