Hundreds of Scholars and Imams from across the UK and Europe gathered in Birmingham to reflect upon some of the challenges faced by British Muslims.

The Scholars and Imams Convention was called by and held under the leadership of Shaykh Allama Noor-ul-Arfeen Siddiqui.

British Muslim Scholars from across the country spoke about having a strong, competent and confident leadership, applying a strategic approach to develop a confident and competent British Muslim Identity.

Chairman of MINAB about MINAB’s endeavours regarding:

⭕ enhancing and supporting religious leadership, Imams and mosques- nourishing a strong, competent and confident leadership in Muslim communities.

⭕ Mosques and Imams engaging both men and women in communities.

⭕ Imams talking about relevant and social issues during their sermons.

⭕ Developing a confident and comfortable British Muslim identity.