Streatham Terrorist Attack: MINAB Statement


The stabbing in Streatham on Sunday, 2 February, is condemned. Our thoughts are with the families of those injured and all those affected by this latest terrorist attack in London. 

The Chair of MINAB, Imam Qari Asim said:

“Imams’ message is clear: the path to violence is a path to death and destruction of oneself and others, which is absolutely contrary to Islam.

MINAB urges communities to stand together against hatred and intolerance and confront all those who promote an ideology of hate and terror. Our collective voice must drown out those who wish to spread hatred and sow division in our society.”

This is the second terrorist attack in the last three months to have been committed by a perpetrator convicted of terrorism offenses and recently released from prison. The authorities must revisit de-radicalisation programmes in prisons and reassess their effectiveness.

For now, our focus must be the victims of the terrorist attack in Streatham, and communities resolutely standing together against those who wish to divide us.


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