Covid-19 Vaccines Khutbah/Friday Sermon.

Oxford AstraZeneca & Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19

Vaccines are Halal!

The Mosque & Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) is running a campaign with Mosques and Imams to raise awareness about Coronavirus vaccines and dispel myths around covid19 vaccines. Imams are going to dedicate a couple of Friday sermons in January on the topic of Vaccination against Covid-19.

“MINAB strongly recommends people to take the vaccines. The covid vaccines administered in the UK are halal, permissible from an Islamic perspective, and there should be no hesitation in taking them from a moral perspective. MINAB is advocating this position through its proactive endeavor for the BAME communities to be vaccinated, as BAME communities are at very high risk of being infected by this lethal virus.

My message to Muslim communities is to make an informed choice and take up the offer when their turn for being vaccinated comes. Don’t miss the opportunity by believing in ‘fake news’ about the vaccines.

It is our ethical duty to protect ourselves and others from potential harm. By taking the vaccine, we are protecting ourselves and others from being infected by this deadly virus that is sweeping through our country and potentially saving lives.”

MINAB Khutbah: Covid-19 Vaccine Download here

Imam Qari Asim, Chair of MINAB

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