Lockdown of Mosques & Madrassahs

The measures introduced as part of the second lockdown, effective from 5 November 2020, restrict congregational prayer (jama’at) and most of the mosque services with the exception of funerals.

Despite lobbying attempts to the government, with Muslim organizations and other faith leaders, communal prayer (Jama’at) has not been considered as an ‘essential service during the second lockdown.

In respect of Mosques and Madrassahs, the new restrictions mean:

  • All congregational prayer will cease as of Isha of Wednesday 4th November 2020.
  • Jumma’s prayer will be suspended until further notice.
  • All madrassah face-to-face teaching and activities will stop.

Although there is an exception for funerals to be held in mosques, we recommend that the restricted Janaazah prayer (limited to 30 people) is conducted at the cemetery where possible.

Our country is facing a significant challenge during this pandemic, we urge everyone to continue supporting each other to stem the spread of coronavirus.

During this second lockdown, MINAB urges Mosques and Imams to continue online teaching, providing spiritual and pastoral care to their communities in creative ways.

We pray to Almighty Allah that He relieves the entire world from this pandemic and eases the suffering of all those affected.

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