Collaboration Projects

collaboration between mosques in the uk

MINAB is committed to helping build a better society. We face a number of unique challenges in the UK today which range from dealing with financial deficits caused by the pandemic to an increase in the demand for public services and in some localities, these challenges are rather hard to deal with due to the lack of community cohesion. Meeting the needs of our young people and the rise in the population of the elderly are significant challenges faced by communities throughout the country which can effectively deal with if different communities and organisations join hands for this purpose. MINAB recommends that mosques in the UK should start ‘collaboration projects’ with other mosques or faith-based charitable organisations in their local area so that they can broaden the scope of their outreach and welfare activities as well as involvement in the wider community.

training and development in mosque through collaborative effort

Regular meetings between different organisations with an objective to collaborate for the development of the community while following MINAB’s standard guidelines will not only lead to improvement in the service delivery of these mosques but will also be able to promote best practices by learning from each other. Engaging with groups who share a common purpose i.e., the development of the British Muslim community through collaborations between organisations will assist in building stronger and more integrated communities.

MINAB’s integrated collaboration projects range from supporting faith leadership, organising training and development schemes, sharing resources, and engaging with hard-to-reach groups while promoting mutual understanding and dialogue between the communities. MINAB eagerly works in collaboration with the different organisations to promote social justice, reduce inequalities, increase social responsibility and work for the common good. In addition, MINAB facilitates collaboration between different organisations to achieve objectives like eradicating food poverty, promoting skill development in young people, protecting people from all kinds of abuse, and ensuring their physical and mental well-being.

Collaboration projects have brought local people together to participate and contribute towards the development of their own community. Mobilizing local people through passion, motivation, and solutions to meet their needs is fostering strong connections between them. This two-way engagement system is not only aimed at transforming mosques into centers of excellence but also to a place where different groups can meet, organize activities, socialize and run inspirational projects for the benefit of the local community. Therefore, MINAB encourages all mosques in the UK to not only collaborate with other same faith organizations but also engage in interfaith collaborations to enable a diverse British community to work together for solving their mutual social issues.