Digital Mosques

Digital Mosque Project

In Islam, Mosques are not only a place of religious prayer but a center of knowledge, education, a place of social welfare as well as a sacred place to resolve all conflicts and encourage reconciliation. Faith communities do not only visit mosques for worship but also to get a respite from the troubles of world life and go to a spiritual safe haven to connect with God and His creation. During Covid-19 lockdown, these people were presented with a lot of challenges to continue these activities due to the of the mosques followed by careful reopening while complying with the mandatory yet restrictive SOPs. This distinctive situation not only created a physical threat but a religious one as well, where the majority of the Muslims had to be secluded from their mosques for an extended time period. To deal with such situations effectively in the future as well as to help the British Muslims connect better with their community using the power of the Internet, MINAB has initiated a digital mosque project.


The project revolves around creating an extensive network of mosques suitable for the digital age with consideration to the worshippers so that they can access the e-services offered by their local mosques round the clock on portable digital electronic devices as well as access any relevant information about these mosques without having to physically visit them.

E-services will include access to a plethora of religious material as well as general information about the mosques from various cities across the UK that are affiliated with MINAB. General information includes a brief background of the mosque, its location, its imams, its capacity, 360-degree virtual tours of the mosques, Islamic dates, prayer timings. In addition, there will be brief insights available on different activities that a certain mosque is participating in as well as the impact of these community welfare activities and events. Those who visit the website will be able to find information as to how they can contribute towards the development of their community through their donations as well as support in other forms.

Few additional features include Instructions for how one can join the live streaming of the live Jummah Khutbah from their local mosques (if the mosque offers the facility), Islamic seminars, and information about the mosques which offer Quran classes. Users will also be able to download books on Dua and Sunnah. In addition, links to the portals from where you can donate to your local mosque will be provided as well so that you can see information about different mosques in your region and decide the ones you want to donate to, all in one place.