Past Events

Engaging The Youth – For an improved Participation in Mosques

We recall the importance of the youth in our Society. It is very natural that we allocate them special time and space as part of their development in our mosques. However working with the youth can sometimes be tricky when one isn’t prepared.

Improving Security in Mosques

With the raise of the Far Right movements, it is important that mosques’ leaders ensure that their premises continue to be safe for their users. MINAB has gathered a panel a speakers who will advise on how to improve Security in our mosques.

Creating a World-class Madrassah

Should Madrassah be only places to teach Qur’an?
How to improve the quality of teaching in madrassah?
How to get parents more involved in supplementary education? Or how to improve communication with parents?
Teaching in a Madrassah: follow the biological rhythm of children?
How to ensure the safety of children in Madrassah?

Engaging Youth in Mosque Development Strategy

To allow the Youth to feel confident in mosque and to grow up within the safety and the equilibrium that Mosques can provide them; leaders must integrate the youth in their development strategy at an early stage. Indeed it is by making a room to them in the mosque’s functioning that we will be able to listen, support and be…