training and development in mosque through collaborative effort

Britain is a multi-faith and multi-belief society. It is important that everyone in Britain engages positively with those of different faiths and beliefs, with the understanding that each person is created by God, and it is part of the Divine plan that people of different beliefs co-exist in the world. MINAB, with this aim, serves as an outreach resource to the British Muslim community, promoting a positive image of Islam and Muslims to the other faith groups. It fosters conversation between people of different faiths and beliefs by organising interfaith events at their affiliated mosques to increase appreciation of diversity at the community level across the UK. MINAB arranges various interfaith activities that help connect Muslims and people of different faiths with one another to achieve mutual respect by understanding the traditions and practices of different faith communities in the UK.

societal development through mutual cooperation

We encourage people of all ages to get involved in projects and programs which can improve interfaith learning, dialogue, abet cooperation and allow them to work together for the sake of peace. Some of the events comprise small-scale educational and informative discussions while some projects interconnect larger groups from different faith communities such as an interfaith week. Interfaith interactions help to reduce stereotypes, misunderstandings, and prejudice against different faiths and lead to community cohesion among diverse groups. MINAB also partners with numerous faith-based policy groups and charitable organisations to establish a platform to advocate for social injustice-related issues for the common good of British communities. Annual meetings between the representatives facilitate networking between interfaith members and practitioners at not only local but at the regional and national level as well to discuss issues around common themes and provide opportunities to share good practices.

Some of the projects that MINAB has previously worked on and currently working under Interfaith Dialogue and Activities are:

  • Opening Mosque Doors
  • Interfaith Walks from one place to worship to another
  • Climate Change related activities, e.g., planting a tree together
  • Foodbanks, Soup kitchens, Feeding the Homeless
  • Cleaning Streets together
  • Supporting the Vulnerable – Collecting recycled clothes and toys
  • Scriptural Reasoning
  • School Assemblies
  • Working on Issues of Common Concern