Safeguarding Mosques Leadership

Effective Management at Faith Institutions

MINAB has been providing services to the British Muslim community for 15 years through its diverse programs, services, and conventions. Most of the services are held inside the mosque premises through facilitating interaction between multiple people, working closely with children, and dealing with religious subject matters. It is our duty to hire the right people and train them accordingly for the mosque’s better management. They should be trained in matters of religious significance according to the teachings of the Holy Quran as “the Mosques of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day; perform As-Salat and give Zakat and fear none but Allah. It is they who are on true guidance” (At-Taubah: 17 & 18) as well as matters of worldly importance such as safeguarding and effective management of the mosques.

Leadership and Governance

For stellar management of the mosques, Imams and other mosque admins should also possess leadership qualities and appropriate knowledge of governance principles, with good and exemplary personalities that are suitable for the religious position that they are holding. MINAB considers it to be its foremost duty to help the trustees as well as Imams and admins of these faith institutions to achieve these objectives and develop their faith organisation.

In addition, providing a safe environment to the faith community visiting the mosques is our utmost priority. MINAB provides guidance to the people who hold leadership positions in mosques all over the UK about safe recruitment practices and the importance of DBS checks before hiring personnel for the mosques. It is because MINAB considers it a duty to make sure that the members of the faith community who attend these mosques are safe and secure in every way possible which is why we not only give extra attention to its safeguarding practices but also the skills and qualities of the people with leadership entitlement.

Compliance with Safeguarding Practices

We understand that faith leaders need to be trained in matters regarding child protection and adult wellbeing so that they can be trusted to ensure the safety of the faith community and deal with unfortunate situations effectively and intellectually. For this reason, our team of experts will assist them in polishing some of the skills that have been found to be important antecedents of leadership by providing them guidance regarding effective governance practices. Not only that but we provide our members all the advice and counselling required to identify mismanagement in mosques and ensure that their local mosque is being kept safe and maintained well for people visiting and working there.

MINAB will provide expertly devised material to keep and review whenever required, which will assist in complying with the essential safeguarding practices for the mosques and enable the personnel to handle great responsibilities associated with community well-being by adhering to the safeguarding standards.
Besides that, MINAB will be keeping a keen eye on the practices of all the affiliated mosques and will be conducting regular visits to make sure that suitable measures are in place for preventing all kinds of harm to children and adults who are a part of the faith community.