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Whether you are representing, working, or volunteering for an Islamic organisation in the UK or whether you are an individual aware of the improvements that Islamic organisations (mosques, madrassah, educational institutes) must head to, you can support MINAB in many ways:

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Another easy way to help up to achieve our mission; is to follow us on Social Media and to share our Newsfeed.



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MINAB was conceived by Muslims to serve institutions used by Muslims – MINAB is your organisation – Join us to take part to:

  • The rise of the standing of Muslim institutions in the UK
  • Improving services dedicated to British Muslims
  • Serve the Community on a national level

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Your donation will be used to

  • Provide Muslims in the UK with safer, better, and more inclusive organizations.
  • Rise up the standing and the state of Muslims in the UK.
  • Finance the research, production, and distribution of the governances and guidance.
  • Remember that each pound donated, will benefit thousands of Muslims in the UK and this money will be counted as Sadaqa Jariyah in sha Allah.

You can send a cheque to:

MINAB, Stone Hall, Chevening Road, London NW6 6TN
You can arrange a unique payment or a standing order to:

Barclay Bank – MINAB

Sort Code: 20-27-48   /   Account: 13147789

Volunteer with us!

Like many other organizations, Muslim organizations in the UK wouldn’t be able to do the work that they do without the help of the volunteers. Volunteers are an exceptional source of help and support, and not only for the tasks they commit to; but for the dynamism and enthusiasm, they come with!

At MINAB, we do value volunteers – Join us