Women engagement empowerment women’s leadership workshop

Women Empowerment for the Development of Society

Women in leadership, women empowered and women in charge is a strong force to make a difference in society. Islam also preaches that the education and empowerment of women should be focused on just as much as that of men and MINAB aims to make that happen. A mosque is a place for spiritual growth as well as personal development for all Muslims and the opportunities provided by mosques should be equally accessible for both genders. Mosques for women should not only act as a primary area where they can gather and worship but should also enable them to take part in self-development and community activities along with prayer. Women are an essential part of the population and can play an important role in the development of the community by participating in social activities. Activities can start from the mosque where women participate in social, educational, political, religious, and economic pursuits.

In addition, numerous studies have demonstrated that the economic empowerment of women positively affects economic growth which is why MINAB works tirelessly to support women in skill development so that they can play their part as a functional member of the society while being confident in their abilities.

development of professional and leadership skills in women

MINAB wants to promote positive attitudes about the capabilities and potential of women, with the establishment of immersive, leadership, and professional development workshops which are designed for women engagement and empowerment. It will assist them to build a sense of self-efficacy, enhance interpersonal skills along with entrepreneurial capacity and gain practical knowledge to take initiatives and strengthen their community.

MINAB is actively working to encourage the mosques to arrange workshops that will help women to identify and develop their leadership skills as well as build confidence through participatory learning and community activities. Our objective is to tailor these workshops for self-assessments, mapping the past and present exposures, critical thinking, team building, communication, public speaking, negotiation, and strategic planning. Skills training and consultative sessions will furthermore help the women who are a part of this program to elucidate and refine an action for them that they can take to utilize their strengths to develop themselves personally and professionally. These workshop training exercises will be facilitated by recognized scholars in women’s leadership and empowerment, thereby enabling participants to benefit from both the latest scholarly research and real-world practicalities to transform themselves for the betterment of their community and themselves.