Youth engagement leadership and personal development program

Youth Empowerment

Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow but are the drivers of change today. They are now widely seen as key players in-country development and global stability. They are who we must develop, train and strategically place in community leadership positions to superintend our communities today and tomorrow with innovative suggestions. MINAB for many years has had this focus on taking action for increasing youth’s engagement in community activities. Therefore, MINAB has always encouraged youth participation in every stage of the community work and in project management alongside adults, providing training with guidance along the way. Furthermore, we have been successful in channeling the energies of many young people in a positive way through community development activities and help them to become role models for their peers and younger generations by giving weightage to their recommendations and instilling confidence to take positive action in them.

leadership personal development programme

It is our duty to support youth empowerment and MINAB along with the affiliated mosques across the UK has come up with ‘Youth Engagement – Leadership and Personal Development Programme’ for this purpose, a full end to end counseling service and resource as well as network development program that supports young adults to analyze their own strengths, weaknesses, with an aim to help them set personal and professional goals for themselves. We want to help them access the resources they need for developing themselves by being a part of a network that is conducive to personal growth. We have formed an extensive network with other mosques in the UK to help the young in developing useful personal and professional skills and enhance their knowledge. Together, we will support this program by promoting knowledge-sharing actions alongside good practice exchanges and increasing access to resources required for the development.

This program with the assistance of our local affiliated mosques and faith leaders will facilitate and equip youth with necessary general skills like; time management, teamwork, goal setting, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills, and public speaking as well as profession-specific skills like understanding basic accounting, managing people, graphic designing, etc., which will direct the youth’s energy in the right direction and prepare the next generation of leaders to perform well at the workforce and in communities. This program will further provide youth with the skills necessary to guide or direct others on a constructive course of action and serve as a mentor for fellows and younger generations.

skill development

MINAB will be supporting all the local mosques who would be able to engage and reinforce youth empowerment activities. Participating in this youth engagement – leadership and personal development program platform is expected to result in beneficial outcomes for the young individuals at both personal and community levels. This includes an increase in self-efficacy and the development of skills and behaviors which correlate with making a successful transition to adulthood and professional life and are relevant to success in the workplace. Such skills and behaviors include effective decision-making, self-advocacy, civic engagement, ability to maintain support networks in order to fully participate in the community and bring about positive social change by working with others.

An additional feature of this program is the development of entrepreneurship skills. The exposure to our initiatives will not only provide young people with knowledge of entrepreneurship but also spur them to explore their creative and entrepreneurial ideas for the betterment of their community.